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Song;; Boom Boom Pow Artist;; Black Eyed Peas No Copyright Infringement Intended. Lyrics to Boom Boom Pow. ***I'm apologising now for any spelling/lyric errors in the video.*** ****** IF YOU COMMENT SOMETHING RANDOM eg; "you did it wrong. 3008-2000%" then I'll be confused. Help me out by explaining so I can fix it. Taa******* Enjoy :) N:B;; No Racist comments will be allowed - they will be deleted as soon as I see them = Don't waste your time. Ox 09/May/10 - More views that I could ever have asked for - thank you all so much! :) 68k views! You's are all so awesome! :) - Just went and checked a lyric site on the lyrics - they ones I have used, are those that are on the site. I'll link the site, and you can tell them of their lyrics being wrong. -Thanks all so much! BabyLinzayy xo

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