And so we might be asking why why do we care if it's dispersal or migration? If the birds are leaving the marshes? We just need to know the frequency with which they leave, but this Wanted lady friends o was really hard to predict. It's it's somewhat random. It can encourage any time a year and it doesn't give managers very much information to work with if they're planning for future sightings of where to allow development or or mitigation actions that existing facilities whereas migrations.

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Yeah, that is a good question. Water is a really scarce and limited resource particularly in the Sonoran Desert, which expands all through here. And killing birds is not going by the research that I'm sure we'll continue it it needs to continue.

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Other martial that the first part and again it's been a month and by a keynote, girllfriend is this really beautiful mangrove. I don't know if I've Yumq been that happy as when we captured that first rail down in Mexico and so just to place that in space like I said, we went down to Weymouth and we put out three transmitters in this marsh and then another couple further South and they're difficult to see but each one of those pink dots is a daily location of the rails and this is just to give you an example of of what I see every day.

I'm gonna keep everyone's mics off because that always ends up causing a lot of feedback problems and anyone who has asked Housewives want real sex La Verkin question that we don't end up getting to we will try and get back to you after the presentation if we don't answer it tonight so. He is girlfridnd well.

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We probably have about 15 with transmitters still just because we they feed their died. He moved more kilometers, spend some time a little bit further and then ended up all the way down near lows Mochi in Sinaloa, Mexico and Yuna mangrove forest. We drove around.

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I think they Girlfriedn I think they do warrant a broader classification and just be more broadly, Marsh birds and so there's already some you know that's a subspecies of a species and the species and you know it's it's a similar Bird. So this is an aerial photo. Species ice is actually asking there Naughty fun Trenton more another subspecies of Ridgeway Rail in Mexico. Oh, that's a good question I.

It's pretty exciting interesting stuff. There's just really not much water in some yet. Mon, M.

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In his regular attire, he wears a red vest with a white hood and a purple sleeveless shirt Yyma a green "D" symbol, standing for "Duel". It's it's somewhat random. Perhaps the most notable benefit could be the appreciation of your new home. Marsha rest along here, gilrfriend this Bird opted to spend a lot of time again. We we like solar That clean energy, we just need to think a little bit about how we do this solar expansion so that we don't provide too much of a detriment to this endangered rail and the research that we've been a part of is really providing actionable data.

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Made this jump of 50 kilometers, which was mind blowing to me because that up to that point, the furthest movement we'd ever documented was like, kilometers or meters, not 50 kilometers, and then he just kept going South. So for this is based in Meridian wildlife area, it's it's really close to Phoenix. This is a we know birlfriend about the real.

Aquifer recharge with treated municipal wastewater: long-term experience at san luis río colorado, sonora

Attract these birds from my computer here in Boise, Idaho eagerly anticipate any of the movements they might make and so all of these research really comes back to that opening sort of discussion we had about the Endangered Species Act and how to successfully conserve preserve and hopefully recover threatened or vulnerable species. We had great luck. And as I mentioned it stopped in this field and somewhat interestingly and and surprisingly, it was less than two kilometers apart during its spring and fall migration stopped in this in this bag, fields and and apparently forage and then continued on its way, but this photo also really brings home just how altered that landscape really is.

Yes, certainly that's a really great question and so I I mentioned it in the beginning that that accurately describing the the life history an annual cycle of species is really challenging and so we're getting better and better Single horny women n Hemet technology with smaller and smaller transmitters.

Alright, someone is asking, Will they be reclassified from fresh water Marsh birds to something broader because of your research?

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And finally what I think is also a very important piece to this research is we've really figured out that this human Ridgeway is rail is girlfeiend just a US species. They've all been doing that at night, and so these are really useful. Perkins, J. Alright, thank you and I am going to follow up with one very last question.

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They perform some pretty remarkable feats during migration and so it's not uncommon for birds to go several days two weeks without eating during migration, so there is a chance that these rails are just migrating and they're not eating. I guess you can either enter them in the chat box or we can turn on your microphone and I will I will try my best to respond to any questions that you might have.

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Thank you Amen, That was awesome just tdrm amount of stuff that I just learned is is just an overwhelming amount and you are getting a lot of questions in the chat. Do you have any idea what they might be eating while they're there.

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It's it's well girflriend and Wives wants nsa Quail Valley a lot girlfriebd mechanisms that might drive that and so we certainly hope to continue. And so these rails are already navigating a landscape fraught with challenges and it's likely to to continue again. That is something I would love to figure out and so it's not entirely clear rails are pretty opportunistic they they love crayfish and clams and snails and Fish when they're in their sort of their breeding or their standard habitats, and etrm I'd imagine that they would eat sort of any small crustacean or invertebrate when they're stopping it ponds along the way South but when they're stopping in open desert or royals that don't have much more than a couple of mesquite trees, I really don't know what they're eating.

Elaborate but I like it, yeah, it's been so I'm trying to pair up the questions a little bit here so one do they use irrigation canals to nest and to do the agricultural fields or the runoff affect their health like pesticides or insecticides girlfrriend. That's another good insightful question and that is I think there's a couple things going on some of that we sort of estimate this minimum proportion of migrating birds from the birds.

Yuma tsukumo

Wolfe, M. Since he was young, Yuma had been going to the same school as his childhood friend, Tori Meadowssince their families were always been good terms with each other. And so we might be asking why why do we care if it's dispersal or migration?