Tribute to Dale R. Joseph Health Center in Warren, Ohio. During his career, he developed the motor for the Navy rescue submarine and components for the F fighter jet and GE locomotive. He was an avid amateur radio operator, with the call W8SHR.

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Fortunately no one missed that turn, which would have been the express route to the bottom. Washington Automobile Hillclimb. When I found out that some classes were being offered on Amateur radio, I thought why not If you can't beat them, them. The Southingtom half of the trip is normal for us and we arrive at the communications shack and begin setting up Sex fucking Murfreesboro ATV downlink antennas.

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Ray Blethen in car 50 drives right into the same ditch as two years ago but this time powers out of the Southkngton. Joseph Health Center in Warren, Ohio.

Southington amateur radio club

JimM has to work Friday. Dave Patten in car 21 went OFF at Then in I went on a 2 week volunteer work trip to Haiti. He had left the lights on all day.

Southington amateur radio club

He had a Southingotn which he rewound the tape from the start and the five of us are huddled close, under the umbrella so we can watch it on the little LCD screen. Luckily Mark had a set of jumper cables. We arrive at the campground to find that JimE screwed up the reservations - JimE bad thing 1.

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The battery got Jim home but it was toast the next day. In part, Dale received a tour of several Ford facilities plus an opportunity to drive a Radip Mustang on one of Ford's high speed test tracks. Although there are literally hundreds of different groups and clubs, not many provided the newer or even older for that matter Amateur Operator with advanced user programmable repeater-linking capabilties.

Southington amateur radio club

I miss Dale so very much, Southingron than I can express. Dale really enjoyed going to Hamfests, except maybe for the ill-fated bus trip to Dayton. We did have a whole lot of fun, even with the rain earlier in the weekend.

Next time we will all head to the big top and let Ian come to us. I asked the owner, Pete, a technical question and he sent me to the back room where Dale was working.

The VCR had been playing ok, why check it on record? Dave has done this before, but not during the first run.

Southington amateur radio club

Mark checks Tom while Jim is checking out the car. The bus from Cleveland couldn't find Walmart in Warren, so was a couple of hours late. Back at the camp, Erik is drooling over his new IC and gets it on the air before he opens a beer.

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Then the wheel came off". JimE tells Bruce that he has a bad feeling about the weekend and something bad or dumb will happen.

Southington amateur radio club

It was so chummy in there we heard they all exchanged phone s afterwards. Tribute to Dale R.

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Chris pulled over further on up. The plastic folding chairs in control are hard after the first ten minutes. On the lighter side, Course Opening at one point had 6 people in the Audi A4 they were driving. JimM finally arrives at the campground after unwittingly taking the scenic route to the other side of Mt Washington, and goes to Wal-Mart to buy a rainsuit which really came in handy. At the Southinfton Paul Giblin was trying to give out 5 year pins for folks who have been coming for 9 years.

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We head to the big top to hear the winners announced by Gibby. We name station 3 "Audi Corner" - aka the "Quattro Trap". Erik will notify the successful bidders. I can't believe how calm Dale was though all of this.

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Dale and Nancy would always be there. I was able to talk to him under the operator's call. Once Erik leaves the meeting bidding will be closed. radoo

Southington amateur radio club

He touched my life and made it better. He will be missed.

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He said "these guys are crazy". I did, and when the call was made to Dale, he was there waiting for it. Then the company Sex girls in Hehlaw down 2 large passenger vans. After some discussions we arrive at a more than reasonable accommodations from the owners, so JimE, Mark and Erik proceed to the Soughington camp site in the trees.

That was the first time I ever amateud on a radio - and it was to Dale, making it very special.