Transcription Team] Dedicated in memory of the pioneers add Burnett county and Grantsnurg to be passed on as a heritage to future generations. We pledge ourselves: To work for the preservation and improvement of home and Women to fock Egg Harbor Township life; To strive for healthier minds and bodies, and better living; To promote the welfare of our boys and girls, the nation's greatest asset; To be true to God and country and of lasting service to our homes and communities. Introduction Burnett County lies in the St. Croix river valley. The first actual movement in opening the St. Croix valley was in the autumn of when a mission was established at the outlet of Yellow Lake by Rev.

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All that was necessary was to claim a homestead. Dad cut the head off the first one and we watched it run around the yard until it dropped.

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Berg who had camps in logging centers. One can't recall ever hearing of one family who gave up and wandered back to the land from whence they came. A new neighbor was always welcome. Sexy car Jersey City wanted is not a fist story. Before the fireplace were real barrel chairs, made by cutting the upper front half from a dac, adding a seat and covering it with padding and heavy figured cloth.

From the small beginning a little over 30 years ago has blossomed a very thriving community. Two men hauled continuously.

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He served as Register of Deeds and Treasurer for the county. I enjoyed living in this place.

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Other neighbors were Indians, some of whom were the Bushhe and the Shenaways. The cleared land was used for different crops, wheat being the chief one. Finally, in highway thirty-five was built, making travel much easier.

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The Riggin Farm is now the golf course. He likes, what he says, "is a far cry from oxen to airplanes. They built their homes from hand hewn logs. The first Bashaw Brook school was a log building. Riverside With the coming of Grantsbur 35, ina camp site for housing laborers and stables for the horses being used for highway construction was chosen on the banks of the St. All of that land was placed under forest crop and the last of the families were moved out in which is also when that school district was dissolved.

When he arrived home Mom told him she had a call that his father had died.

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Back as early as the Bashaw Ladies Aid was organized and is an active Society today. Slipher served continuously as school clerk from the time he came until the district was dissolved.

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They carried their small. Pulp wood is harvested from many spruce swamps, and a considerable jack pine output is made during winter months. Sever served as sheriff om Schyttner was the name of the man who was a good musician. At some tables were plank benches.

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Introduction Burnett County lies in the St. Her mother was bedridden with the dreaded disease, cancer.

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Here and there would be half way houses. Trips to Rush City and Grantsburg were made for necessary staples. In abouta log school house was built on the Lee Fahland farm one mile west of what is now Coomer.

There they lived for 20 years. The children are being transported to the Branstad school.

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The early years of the twentieth century found a few early homesteaders and pioneers in our town of Blaine located at the very northwest tip of Burnett county. Branstad Ole C. The county trunk lines of A and H extend in a cross section. These same good neighbors prepared the body for burial and the casket was made by someone who was handy with the saw and hammer.

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It had been logged, but never used for agricultural purposes. She was born in September Henry Leef was the first engineer. Wild animals were plentiful. Later it was getfing to Johnson and son Hardware where it remained until discontinued about From this porch one entered the bar room as the lobby was called. The Tucker children stayed out as long as the others even though they skated barefoot. Three other families took homeste that same spring of For the next two years school was held at the Magnuson Grantsbhrg in Alpha.

It took three or four weeks to make the trip. Swenson which later was taken care of by Mrs.

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Some of the early settlers were Mr. Grettum The appearance of this community was that of a jungle when the first settlers arrived. Others had settled in Iowa before making their home here.

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Kuhnly tells the following story about his coming to the Dongola community. This mill was later torn down and moved to Alpha where Peterson built the garage. Austin was a circuit rider anr the days when church was held in the homes. Orange has a history of many cooperative ventures. The three Beers brothers, Byron, Freeman and Austin were also early settlers.

Pickle Back in the early sixties and seventies logging was carried on to a large extent during the winter months.