They claim to be the party of family values, but in reality often have reprehensibly low standards when it comes to family values. This is not to say that Democrats are perfect when fheating comes to family values, they obviously aren't, but it appears that Democrats appear to be normal human beings with normal problems.

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I open the door, and there he is smoking out the Bush twins on his hookah. Eschaton6.

Then a of sources reported that Shadburne had homosexual affairs himself. Jarvis and McDonald have said publicly that they reed Plummfr protest of Gary Bauer's "inappropriate" behavior in travelling alone and spending time behind closed doors with a year-old deputy campaign manager. Had an affair with her current husband while he was with his wife.

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Fordice was one of Bill Clinton's biggest critics. CNN Her mother, Carrie Butler, 16 at the time, worked as a maid in the Thurmond home. Newt kind of turned and gave me this little-boy smile. Vance Wilkins, Virginia: Rather than defy a chorus of party leaders calling for him to step aside, he relinquished his post as the state's most powerful legislator because of sexual harassment allegations. Cause of death: Blow to the head.

Kos2. He was also sued for failing to pay off his campaign debts. Indeed, in recent weeks word has circulated among Washington conservatives that his wagering could be a real problem.

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But Kerik deserted her and her mother when he chating the country in February In a case filed earlier this month, Mackris alleged that O'Reilly, who is married, made explicit phone calls to her in which he recommended she use a vibrator, described sexual fantasies involving her and masturbated. Date was July 20, Woelfle's lawyer Ed Nusbaum tells us that Buckley, the year-old son of conservative pundit William F.

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John Hathaway, Maine: A Maine Republican seeking a seat in the United States Senate who has cast himself as a champion of family values, became a center of controversy today after New England newspapers published six-year-old accusations that he had had sex with his children's year-old baby sitter. He said he and the rest of Bono's staff are "just trying to support her. RMN The only people he likes go to the titty bars with him. Cheatig, 55, of Silver Spring, Md.

Though it wasn't emotionally satisfying for her, Davis says she soon learned that sex could "buy" peace with Hager after a long day of arguing, or insure his forgiveness after she spent too much money. Packwood reed in the fall of after the Ethics Committee voted for his expulsion from the Senate. I've been in public life, I can accept that.

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The hospital records detail bruising to his chest, arms, back and buttocks. Having launched his career selling pornographic videos in Baltimore's red-light district during the s, Smith has apparently spent the past thirty years refining that passion. He doesn't recall the incident. Asked whether they are "dating" or "seeing each other," Cohen said, "The statement stands for itself.

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Inattorney Janklow was accused of rape by Jancita Eagle Deer, year-old babysitter for Janklow family. Scheidler case. I figured, I'm going to name this thing anything I want, and I said, 'Lew, do you have any problem with the last name Schlessinger? Those are the only people he trusts. The married writer is embroiled in a paternity action with PR woman Irina Woelfle over her 2-year-old son, Jonathan.

Wves Maryland, where Bennett lives, the newly elected Republican governor Robert Ehrlich is trying to introduce slot machines to fill revenue shortfalls. She said Ferguson removed his ID pin and handed it to her, saying she could keep it if she would "come back and have a drink with me.

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Peterson, Pennsylvania: Accused of forced kissing and unwelcome groping of women aa staffer and a lobbyist in the workplace over a decade. He was acquitted -- but that doesn't erase the fact that he A had sex with an underage girl in a hot tub full M boozed-up teenagers at a partyand B was himself married at the time. His divorce and remarriage inhowever, brought Plukmer a decline in his popularity that he was not able to overcome.

The boy told police he fell at one point and Malone continued to hit him. He wanted reporters to know that he won't answer questions about his sexuality; it has nothing to do with his candidacy.

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Is on his second wife. A real whoremonger. Because I am a gay man, because of this double life, it has been hell. Inafter a yearlong investigation by the House Ethics Committee, Crane was found to have engaged in an illicit sexual relationship with a year-old girl working as a Plummmer. Britton outside the clinic in the weeks before Hill shot and killed Dr. Flynt -