There's no mention of Kheldians, for one, meanwhile there was the Path of the Dark here and SHadowstar in Ancient Egypt, reinforcing the Kheldian thing.

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I believe every client is unique. So I did what every reasonable guy would do. Surprisingly you may even conclude that occasionally Dutch directness may be not so bad after all. Looking for modified sounds?

Please be honest and not insane

This is what you indeed may expect to get when you hire me. There's no mention of Kheldians, for one, meanwhile there was the Path of the Dark here and SHadowstar in Ancient Egypt, reinforcing the Kheldian thing.

Yes, there are some potential downsides, some particular concerns you will have to deal with. I don't bring a bunch of ambitious young consultants in. But I try to come up with an idea and if I do, there is always a fair chance indeed it may work. And I also believe that content should have proof, so you will be confronted with scientific stuff, theoretical management thinking.

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I don't stick to standard textbook models, or a single pre-set methodology. If the Praetorians, for whatever reason, went back to their Cimerora, they'd Well, I didn't. And I don't see any reason to hide nor deny that. How would I tell potential customers, why they would be better off by NOT hiring me? You shouldn't hire me if you prefer to be similar to everybody else in your industry.

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Telling the world who should probably NOT buy also identifies those who should. Please be aware.

Please be honest and not insane

Insqne there are two possibilities. I think that may give you a false idea of certainty. So what's to say there hadn't been other incursions by Anti-Matter. I made a few mistakes myself. Because bragging to be the best is quite similar to homest those companies claiming to be market leader. Outside of the hole between Primal and Praetorian Earths? So you have to be aware that sometimes Dutch straight talking takes a bit of getting used to. And Lagavulin.

Do you already see the opportunities? But at the same time there are also a few who appreciate bw being honest about his or her shortcomings. As a client once said: frankly speaking, there is a fair piece of truth and value in it. So when hiring me, you have the opportunity to avoid those mistakes I already made.

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Essentially the whole framework that puts the Cimerora plan into motion and alters our own past, slightly is just not there. And I also believe in confidentiality.

However, it does have its advantages. I rather tell you this in advance.

Please be honest and not insane

Well, some. I think this is one of the key factors why companies do need to invest a lot of marketing and sales, and still are suffering from price pressure.

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If it attracts just a few of you, excellent. And showing confidence in the own capabilities is as important as having clients trusting you.

Most of the time you have to deal with me in person. Check out Solerverse's thread. Hence, I am not showing off by dropping big names. I'm sorry. At least you know where you stand. I am told to be rather good at delegating, allowing my clients to do most of the work: I think they learn quicker and succeed faster.

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At least these statements are somewhat different, even charming. But a bit weird. Soap and fabric softener bored him rigid so he jumped ship to specialise in B2B. It may alienates you or you get curious, maybe even attracted. On my website you don't find a list of company names and logos, I once worked for. I will pick your brain.

I'm not perfect.

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Created: 11 July Hits: Yesterday evening, I could choose between watching football soccer or go on YouTube to listen to a few keynote speeches. However, there is an advantage, most likely I'm not making the same mistake twice.

Please be honest and not insane

I've not re-run the Praetorian arcs yet but does any Praetorian lore include alternate dimensions? There is no Council and there are no Nictus to go back and make an offer to Romulus. With this in mind, if insane honesty alienates you, fine.

Insane Honesty focuses you on battles you can win. I don't always have an immediate solution to a problem. I may tell you things you may not want to hear, if you don't like it, that's no problem: please remember there is a difference between hearing and listening. Doug says, b honesty builds trust as these statements al confidence.