SSA Social Security Administration Deciding when to retire may be one of the most important decisions an individual makes during his or her lifetime.

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In that case, the diary helped participants recognize that their attention would not be entirely focused on the outcome of the game, and their emotions following the game would therefore be less extreme than they would have otherwise predicted; effectively, the diary helped participants recognize that life would go on after the game, win or lose.

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In one experiment, Wilson and others asked participants to write down in a prospective "diary" how much time they might spend performing a of everyday activities on a specific date in the future. That is, those who have attained higher levels of education Brokkings likely to enjoy a Find Langdon SESthereby making them more likely to be able to afford delaying claiming of Social Security benefits.

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This example highlights the importance of affective forecasting in the decision-making process because negative feelings generated from the Brookkings simulation can cause some individuals to avoid getting those potentially life-saving examinations. In that sense, prospective retirees may still take an inside view when thinking about the unexpected events that may occur during retirement.

The following is an example of how the reference point might impact the retirement decision. The fourth section involves predictions about the future as well, but focuses specifically on predictions of future behavior and future events.

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Affective Forecasting As mentioned earlier, being tired of Nweding Beehr and others ; Bidewell, Griffin, and Hesketh or dissatisfied with work Helman and others are important determinants of preferred retirement age, suggesting that many potential retirees would quite likely consider additional years of working to be unpleasant. National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Burtless, Gary.

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Ladies seeking sex Lafayette Colorado, JDM research has demonstrated that individuals do not make accurate affective forecasts see Wilson and Gilbert for Brokings review of the literature. These delayed effects of early retirement most womann are underrepresented in the mental simulations of retirement, even though they are experienced in actual retirement.

When factoring in that the EEA is 62 as well, it becomes apparent that the retirement spike at 62 Song and Manchester ; Behaghel and Blau is not just a coincidence. Such a lack of knowledge or understanding about claiming can lead individuals to claim Social Security benefits early, which may not be in their own best interest or in the best interest of their family members.

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As such, inaccurate affective forecasts can lead to suboptimal decisions. A colonoscopy or mammogram can produce stronger negative feelings in prospection than would the experience itself.

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Participants who were not given the option of changing their minds "made the best" Wilson and Gilbertof the choice they made, whereas those who had the option to change their minds were less satisfied with their choice. In the second section, I describe ways in which the decision context, the factors that make up a particular decision and the lovs in Neeeding the decision is presented or framed, may affect the timing of one's retirement.

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The JDM and behavioral-economics literatures not only shed light on some myopic retirement behaviors, but can also help to identify opportunities for improving individuals' retirement decisions. research on the planning fallacy Buehler, Griffin, and Ross indicates that individuals often underestimate how long it will take them to complete projects, even if the time frame of similar projects has proven unrealistic in the past.

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Koehler, and Dale Griffin. Shelves hung?

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Leaving the workforce can wooman an exciting time in an individual's life, but the decision to do so does not come without consequences. The particularly troubling aspect of affective forecasting is that individuals' prospections are often inaccurate, but they drive behavior nonetheless. However, it is precisely this type of contingency planning in which individuals must engage in order to make the best retirement decision for themselves and their families.

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Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, thinking about retirement for a relatively long period of time before it occurs may encourage individuals to envision a later retirement age, which could serve as an anchor in future considerations of retirement. Further, an individual who works is less likely to collect Social Security benefits than an individual who has stopped working Gustman and Steinmeier Likewise, some Wives looking real sex Schneider may start to receive benefits as soon as possible because they have been "forced" into retirement, either as a result of a layoff or a buyout offer from their employer.

Of course, when considering when to leave the workforce, individuals quite likely focus not only on the advantages of retiring, but also on the disadvantages of continuing to work.

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When the contexts in which prospections are generated and events are experienced are not equal, mental simulations are likely to differ from actual experiences. Buessing, Marric, and Mauricio Soto.

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Hearing what unexpected events others have encountered during retirement may urge prospective retirees to consider the Brooknigs that similar events could happen during their own retirement. The authors argued that the relationship between education and the early Lake George local sluts behavior of married men may indicate that an increase in financial awareness could lead to more optimal claiming behavior.

A similar procedure may be useful in helping individuals generate retirement-related prospections that are less essentialized.

In addition, work stress and a lack of personal control on the job are more common among lower SES individuals Christie and Barlingand those factors can contribute to health problems over time. Bidewell, Griffin, and Hesketh found evidence supporting the notion that the closer individuals are to their preferred retirement age, the more future income they are willing to sacrifice in order to retire sooner.

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Importantly, individuals exhibit immune neglect Gilbert and others ; Wilson and Gilbertwhich means that they do not appreciate the ability of their psychological immune systems to help them recuperate from negative events, nor do they appreciate that ability in others. Numerous reasons for such behavior have been delineated earlier, including prediction errors of both future happiness and future behavior. Rather than considering options absolutely, people tend to evaluate options relatively, that is, as gains or losses from a specified reference point.