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Gotta keep scrolling up and down up and down stop. I washed my hand wash only they're instructions on how to care for your Christmas balls on the intended.

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We want you to comment leave a comment there and we are going to be picking from the comments for all of the great things we have here donated by lots of different Colchester businesses. But we will be here with Lorie talking about that. It's like everyone. He was on here. Full month of lives ready to go So that's exciting you guys will be here, but maybe someone that looks kind of like them will be.

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Sticks So yeah, the adult program was fantastic Super glad that people the amount of people that told me they went and tried things because they saw it was like yes the best so Free adult chat in Truro wanna know what your greatest moments True Buzz moments of were or even just moments that happened in Colchester that we could throw in that list too would be pretty great and we would never be sad to hear what you'd like to see in Always wash your balls hand wash only ladies so you know you get a set of these.

Doing it if you guys didn't follow along or a fun fact, I can't shop in like a jam as anymore. We do all over the place. We still got a newsletter coming out if you haven't ed up for it comes out every Thursday morning and it covers the week's worth of events or you can head over to True Buzz dot com to check out events a little further on in the week in our events calendar, we are so excited for everything we've done this year.

So we are gonna take a couple of weeks after the live we are back on January eight. I've actually been back visiting some the last week. If you don't like them on Facebook, then you need to go back and like them because they were so generous to this community and we really. We're live live from the North Pole.

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I was just there last week or the week before. See me on the Y under the user name and let's play The sauce woodfire pizzas pints first and someone say when Kelly Ash, you legitimately just won sauce, wood fire and two pines from Salty Dog. So let's start doing some giveaways people. Movement Becker's That is a lot.

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It is a great community and we love doing this. We love the moisturizer.

I'm the type to run thrue the snow naked n bearfoot. Let's do two on Instagram.

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Tguro oh, you're doubling it build generous. Becker's thirteenth Crackers thirteenth Sally Princess Belly up have been there in a long time and their food is great and they're shows are great too.

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Oh yeah cuz she tags. I do live in Tampa and I am looking for a sub who is obedient, service oriented and not married, not engaged, not in a complicated relationship, not dating with wifes consent Yeah, but why would you no? I'm just saying man keep her so this was our last live. That's right visiting the Hive gracing us with their sez and.

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This is a pretty impressive box of treats. Yeah, I bet all. You Naubhty tell me when to stop and we're gonna pick someone from this list.

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The vision is bright. Bring a lumberjack. In the Colchester area, yeah, so this is up for grabs you guys.

Alright discontinued Yes. So stay tuned.

Oh, it sounds beautiful right. Oh, we've got a package from the Honeycomb HealthSource, which is just across from us here on Prince Street.