Control your breathing. Move quickly, but not in a hurry. No undergarments. Always act natural, said photographer Harvey Drouillard, because it's the nude people who exude power over their situation. Drouillard Petersbrug at the stopwatch on his phone. She was stuck.

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Drouillard snapped away. Always act natural, said photographer Pdtersburg Drouillard, because it's the nude people who exude power over their situation. His barber hooked him up with a mechanic at Albert Whitted Airport, to let him shoot next to a vintage plane on the tarmac there.

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Absolutely no arms around each other. They tried again, and again and again. On her mother's advice, she left him immediately. In the St. The models dropped their clothes to the pavement and walked toward Central Avenue.

A hand near the leg aled. For the "exposure. So fast that his models are clothed and back in the "getaway car" headed away from the scene before anyone really knows what happened, let alone can make a big deal about it. Petersbrug

Naked St. Petersburg girl

Often the clothed bystanders in the frame don't even seem to notice what's happening, which is exactly how Drouillard likes it. Part of the way he's able to skirt indecency laws, he explained gjrl, is ensuring there's nothing about Petersbrug shoots that could come off as sexual. He sold his minivan for a few hundred dollars when he arrived, a way of "burning the ships at port" to ensure he'd have to make it work, no possible retreat.

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He showed them how to stand on top of their shoes while awaiting his al, which for some reason attracts less attention than standing barefoot on a sidewalk. He secured the practice space at Nova after meeting the owner Stt. a weekly mixer for local entrepreneurs. The models stood on the sidewalk outside Ceviche restaurant. Street N. The shoots don't violate Florida's lewdness and indecent exposure law, which prohibits being exposed in a "vulgar or indecent manner," because there isn't vulgar intent.

Using volunteers ensures that everyone is dedicated to the project as a work of art. The private location made it an easy warmup, but then it was on to the main event, shooting along a public sidewalk full of pedestrians.

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Drouillard pointed out a no-parking, tow-away zone near Beach Drive and Central Avenue. For security, Drouillard enlisted muralist Chris Baez. Petersburg city codes, that nudity ordinance is listed right after the law prohibiting "expectoration," or spitting on the sidewalk. Martin Luther King Jr.

Naked St. Petersburg girl

The nude couple pretended to peruse a menu posted outside. Rowdy's owner handed off Petersbrg leash. Finally, from somewhere unseen, a man's voice called out: "Wooooh! Everyone hopped out.

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Some high art? Drouillard, who has the mannerisms of a spritely film director, showed them how to make their garments into a neat little doughnut on the floor. Petersburg inand moved here from his native Michigan a few igrl ago.

Naked St. Petersburg girl

He spotted a pug mix, Rowdy, at a downtown bar. No undergarments.

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Control your breathing. Before leaving NovaDrouillard, Baez and another security volunteer went over the system. Drouillard set up his tripod right in the middle of the street. He thought it would be perfect for photos.

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Maybe it was like a glitch in the Matrix, so surreal it didn't even register. Maybe it was just Pteersburg nobody cared. Harvey Drouillard's black-and-white photos put the emphasis on the buildings and structures before the models, he said. People ate their lunch on the restaurant's terrace. He only does one take, and never returns to the same spot.

He began shooting St.