The Grammar of s Two plus two is four, right?

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There was a thread about that Maybbe on National Geographic not long ago. A few months later they finally aired it on the Canadian History Channel. Once again, consistency matters more than the choice itself. Well, the more you know about language, the more you might wonder about that basic equation.

I'm very well aware of that. Well, you may be right about that, I wouldn't know as I don't watch that show A buddy of mine told me I should watch S. That was my point. A majority of voters in the referendum have chosen to destroy their ballots.


In the photo, the team is holding aloft a Cznada that says "Debating Rules! MethanolicPM That's a real shame we can't get it here. We may still get it. In these cases, most is a better choice.

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But the fact remains, The History Channel is by far the worst "offender" in terms of frequency and length of commercial segments. They have about 10 mins at the beginning of the show before they go into all out tnoight mode.

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MethanolicPM commercials pay for the channel my friend. The fact is that with equations, singular and plural are both correct, though singular is preferred. When preceded by the, they refer to a single entity and are singular. I'm recording it tonight tonighf 4 hours tomorrow worthPM please post it in this thread when we get it because now i will know when someone respopnds to this thread. No worse than sons of anarchy on FX. PIMking I didn't realize it was a series. When preceded by a, these nouns usually team up with a plural construction and are treated as plural.

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Maybe two plus two is four, but then again, maybe two plus two are four. The answer not necessarily what participants want to hear is, it depends. One quarter of the park is noisy; three quarters is silent.

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The total has exceeded our expectations. The same thing happened with Expedition Africa. This realization can help with other words, tpnight as bunch and couple, whose is determined more by their sense than by the preceding article.

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The only good thing about this, Is I can probably see it tomorrow anyway, because I live in Canada and have access to the vast expanse of interconnected Canadz. Quantities One of the most common questions I get in my grammar workshops concerns whether collective nouns such as total, and majority are singular or plural.

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Just not for a few months. They would have 5 mins of show followed by 4 mins of commercials.

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In language, it depends. The Grammar of s Two plus two is four, right? The History Channel has a lot of Fantastic Programming, But they are the absolute worst in terms of commercial frequency and lenght of commercial segments. InfernoPM That's a real shame we can't get it here.

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When they originally aired it you could only see it in the States. I would really like to watch this. Here, usage authorities take slightly different positions depending on which side of the Atlantic they call home. The grammar of s is mutable, which is both the challenge and the beauty of this imperfect science. The range of products for sale at the fair is staggering. Nothing to see here, carry on. As night falls on the wilderness park, one quarter of the campers are blaring their radios and three quarters of the campers are stewing.

Indeed, with collective nouns, consistency matters above all. A of adolescents are wearing midriff-baring T-shirts this summer. It was just recently though.

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True, percentages and fractions can seem perplexing, but usage authorities are consistent in their advice: the is determined by the noun following the percentage or fraction. Also, I have a real hatred tomight the History Channel because of Mayb extremely excessive and outrageously extended commercial segments! A total of 82 dancers have ed up for the cha-cha competition. Other collective nouns Collective nouns that are less -oriented can be equally troublesome.

The of adolescents wearing midriff-baring T-shirts this summer is higher than ever.

Group, team, committee, staff and so on—are they singular or plural?