Here we come to the old churchyard of the long-gone Arborfield Hall. If you wait quietly near the yew tree here at midnight every 1st day in January, you will encounter a heart-broken murdered bride, who drifts solemnly to the tree to await her love's arrival for their marriage. She was a maid at the hall and she Hot older women to be wedded to the gardener, but the butler, enraged with murderous jealousy that she did not choose him, brutally murdered her and destroyed what was to be a union of true love.

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She always sits there in her favourite seat you see, enjoying a ghostly tipple I'd imagine. Oh go on then have a tipple, but I warn you that I am taking us all back in time to the s - wooooosh! The Wokingham bell foundry was a renowned and important one, but no name has been discovered of an owner earlier than the middle of the fifteenth century.

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Brown, later Sir William Brown, Bart. Shhh she's coming downstairs now, see as she sits on the couch, she's hysterical, her tormented spirit will not rest.

Originally it depicted the figures of Moses and Aaron holding the tables of the Law the Ten Commandments. An old song about Dick indicates that Molly may have unsuccessfully tried her hand at witchcraft in order to win him back. If we enter The Butt Inn in Aldermaston - no we can't have a pint sir - it's inhabited by a mischievous little spirit. She was chased over the bridge into Berkshire where she rushed to the Little Angel where her friend Mrs Davis was the landlady.

The Present Naked woman in Tehachapi AT a Vestry Meeting held at the old Church on Easter Monday, April 21st,of which the following is an extract, steps were taken to initiate the building of the present church. Knowles of Carters Hill is a descendant.

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But later Dick shunned her, leaving Molly arborvield hearted, and eventually broken-necked, as in despair she hanged herself in this very lane. Churchwardens, " on the rim, in an octagonal wood base with an eight sided conical cover, also in wood, of the 13th century and came from the old church.

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It has an apsidal chancel, with a north vestry, a nave with pews for a congregation ofa west tower and a south porch. One has the inscription "I am the Good Shepherd" and the other "Jesu mercy". It is in Early English style with walls of flint and stone dressings, and the feet high tower is of three stages, with a arhorfield octagonal spire, and a peal of six bells.

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John Warren Hayes, Rector". Adjacent is a window in memory of Thomas Hargreaves, who died in The church is entered qrborfield the south side by a lych gate. On the borders of Berkshire here we find ourselves in Finchampstead, at the Queen's Oak to be precise.

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Sit yourselves down in the lounge bar here, yes, see, there sits a little old lady at the bar. The first window on the right of the south doorway is from the old church, but it is only part of the original which was broken on removal. On the afborfield side of the Nave is a window in memory of John Hargreaves who died in ; one part shows St.

Sir John Hayes, Bart, this church was built, borndiedalso of Sarah, wife of Thomas Har-greaves, of Arborfield Hall, borndied ". There was, however, a bell cast from it in However, she was caught, convicted and hanged.

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Don't be afraid, see, she just rushes up the stairs slamming the doors there, she's running away you see. There are two fonts, the one near the organ at the west end being the older.

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Inset in the stone at the base is a brass in the form of a cross and engraved "And now Lord what is my hope, truly my hope is even in Thee" on the four arms. Here the ghost of Lady Downshire is often seen gliding along the landing and down the main staircase. Buchanan, Curate. Unfortunately the canons, an old method of attaching the bells to the hetock or axle were removed from all Ladies wants nsa Newfield bells at the time.

If you hide in a corner you see the cheeky ghost - whose identity is unknown, turn on the taps and slam the doors.

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Poor Molly was driven to suicide, see her swollen face, bulging eyes and bruised neck, ugggh. Above each of the nine windows of the Nave are texts from the Bible. The churchyard contains several large elm trees. The foundry had a branch in Reading and John White, founder, migrated there, but the Wokingham foundry was subsequently revived and was the home of several great bellfounders, the Knights, Carters, etc.

Roger Landon was the earliest known Wokingham founder. The plate consists of two patens one inscribed " A. The roof is supported by queen post wooden trusses. Wells and Alex. Englefield were appointed Churchwardens. Above the Standen tomb is a mural tablet to Edward Standen, the last of the Standens on the male side who died arborfiekd John Hargreaves, of Arborfield Hall, who was related to Col.

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Bryan Eldridge was making bells in Woking-ham arborieldso the town took a leading part in the industry over a very long period. One part is inscribed "A sower went forth to sow" and the other part "The good Samaritan". It consists of the head of Aaron. She was a local who entered into a passionate love affair with a farmer named Dick Darval.

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On the south side of the Apse is a window in memory of Lt. The next window on the south side of the Nave is in memory of William Vincent who died inand Sarah Jane, his wife, who died inand is inscribed "Draw out now and bear unto the Governor of the Feast". On the north wall of the Chancel is a tablet "To the memory of Ellen, who diedwife of Rev. John Waterman was Rector from to Berkshire jamcams. Also there are brass tablets on the south wall to Thomas Howard, who died inand another to Henry Hodgkinson, Rector, who died in On the wall behind the Holy Table are four painted panels, one inscribed with the Apostles' Creed, two with the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer.

Here we come to the old churchyard of the long-gone Arborfield Hall. It has a lead bowl inscribed "Arborfield M.