The minutes of the August 11, August 20, and August 24, meetings were read. Motion to approve the August 11 was made by Councilmember Dodge, and motion to approve the August 20 and 24 meetings was made by Councilmember Anderson. Both were seconded by Councilmember Witt. Motions carried.

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The Clerk informed Council of upcoming public hearings on August 20 and August The minutes of the August 13, meeting were read. She provided Council with three drawings she created, and also asked for funds which would be used to purchase the panels, paint, sdx, and other supplies.

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Instead of moving City s there, Councilmember Anderson moved to stay with Wells Fargo for the time being, seconded by Councilmember Witt. A new submersible pump was also put in.

Chief McGee is in the process of gathering more information about subscription services, to ultimately provide fire protection to subscribed residents in that area, the cost of which would be based in part on square footage of dwellings as well as of outbuildings. Councilmember Wrea seconded the motion, which passed.

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Judy Skabo addressed Council regarding city utility bills for her rental properties in Juliaetta. Wendi moved to adopt Ordinanceseconded by Ixaho. The Kendrick branch of Wells Fargo, where the City holds its primary s, will be closing on May There was also no comment by the public for Increased Fees. No changes were made since the August meeting when the budget was approved.

There was also no comment by the public for Increased Fees.

Kimmel asked if Council will grant the Mayor permission to the Notice of Award, sed on getting the construction costs below the grant threshold. He also said ITD will update their website with information on the construction, including width restrictions. Josh Luscombe and Chief McGee will try to flush the hydrant to see if that will fix it, otherwise it may need to be Swingers in Forest knolls. Their comments are being addressed and the plan is being edited.

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As of the date of this meeting, a monitoring violation has not been received by the City of Juliaetta. He also requested Council consider the purchase of a gas detection meter that would be used in enclosed spaces such as in manholes. The fiscal Juliaeyta budget has been reviewed by Council.

Fire Chief Mike McGee has asked around to other fire chiefs about selling subscriptions for fire protection. Some of the equipment is undersized for the job being performed, including the plant pump station, plant screening equipment, and plant treatment equipment.

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Fire Chief Mike McGee arrived later in the meeting. The FY Budget was reviewed by Council. He and Justin Cope have replaced the shut off valve.

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Wendi moved to approve submitting the appropriate information to obtain the quote from III-A, seconded by Eric. The chainsaws will not be running continuously. Evans, Maintenance and the Mayor in August; they will present the final plan to Council and hold a possible public hearing at its completion.

Josh Luscombe reported all media sx been installed Iraho the water treatment plant. The regular meeting was called to order. Justin Cope informed Council that, as an entity with underground utilities, the City needs to become a member of Digline. Josh reported to Council a water main leak discovered near Main Street has been repaired, as well as various maintenance being taken care of around town.

Official canvassed of the General Election were presented to Council by the Clerk.

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He also reported the control systems at the water treatment plant are installed. Laurie Jones, operator of the Juliaetta Market, seems to have a water leak at that property at Main Street.

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This workshop will include instruction on Mayor and City Council duties and responsibilities. George Savell dIaho Church of the Nazarene addressed Council regarding parking issues near the church.

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A new hydrant has been installed at the Juliaetta Market. Councilmember Anderson moved to adopt Ordinanceseconded by Councilmember Dodge. If costs cannot be lowered enough, the City may have to make up the difference. The Fire Department had nothing to report. arew

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Temperature and pH of wastewater influent are an important part of the plan, and could drive costs of future projects. Justin reported TDS has begun laying fiber optic lines throughout the City.

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Aeea will return with better weather to grade and seed city right of ways. Councilmember Dodge moved and Councilmember Witt seconded to table approval of Resolution until the October meeting.

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Latah County Sheriff Richie Skiles was in attendance at the meeting and heard the complaints. Bills from the month of July were reviewed.