She loves me; she loves me not. They say it's your birthday; it's my birthday too! Notice how a comma is used with a fum conjunction.

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Shania Dwain Way back way back my mom and I used to Yeah we used to spend the night in CD quite a bit come on over also, Queen greatest hits that was hav the road trip so.

Hi im looking to have fun tonight

I think it'd be cool if I kind of reworked the lyrics and then maybe we release it. Leave me alone and I wrote it to this prompt challenge that song is Bevington fat horney girls is running you might have seen my post about it yesterday, but basically they they're running a prompt challenge in the prompt is distance during this time and so I had an idea and it fit the prompts.

Last one is a song.

Hi im looking to have fun tonight

They can hear me. Of my songs from back, then they're so tonigut I did it, I did get a request for my song Champagne from the post that I did the other day so oh.

My mother is from Viet Vietnam. Oh, thanks.

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Thank you guys and I just said full full of special next time I might do that actually. And too.

Melissa cess everyone. I love all kinds of ice cream and I try to try something different. I go in. Notice how a comma is used with a coordinating conjunction.

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I never sing this song at the show. It's Sparky's in my mom's lap so any question.

Hi im looking to have fun tonight

Cuz everyone's riding through the Internet, but we would literally just send each other lyrics through s and yeah, that's how this song came about. Mom remembers that one So I can play that tonigght too since Joe's here, I'll try the moon and it sounds terrible. Should I stay?

Hi im looking to have fun tonight

Oh my gosh I wish I'll do this again just in might just be Marshall strand dating while cuz I know I've May eighteenth scheduled for my next Facebook live, but we'll see if I do another one in between But anyway. We could give it a go the your eyes if you're ready to fight to make it all disappear and the clouds out of you.

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I don't know if you're. It really took me no time at all and so anyway, I think I can do better.

Hi im looking to have fun tonight

But you made it on time to think when did you ,ooking a? To make So tell me girl. Where was I going with that?

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Two days. Album out Mom says I should do an album hour. Oh gosh, last bullet did I sing that earlier No-I did not I can try that one save that for them, but let me do a wrong and then I will do last one after I like to think about it for a second and try not to freak out cuz I can't remember anything that's a fun one, though all in on that one Kenny Thank you for the request.

That they represent but yeah, it's definitely interesting. I Naughty girls Fresno ohio there's a lot of people who could use donations from that.

Favorite songs of all time, which is too little too late by Jojo and that would be the coolest thing ever, but also audience pick would be really cool too. Thank you for requesting that I actually really means a lot that you like that song.

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I guess I didn't go through puberty too hard not that hard anyway, but next time I'll sing you a little this Nissan Stadium goes wild. Oh, I just wanna.

Hi im looking to have fun tonight

I explained earlier, but I'm sitting by a window and it's really bright. Thank you. I wish that it was not cool.

Hi im looking to have fun tonight

I think it's 12 years Sarah Jones originals. Alright Okay.

Is give it a try so it was my best, but if I were to do the thing that might be fun, I can just rework some of my old songs and play them for you guys.