I'm George craft. Thank you very much for ing us for today's edition of good day creator boy Gdenada block this morning and by the way it's another beautiful morning here in the spice aisle ice certainly do hope that you had a most enjoyable. The spice are right now, as everybody knows, the simple pass between the unions and the government of grenada continues and we're gonna be hearing this morning. First of all, from the Cabinet Secretary and she tries to explain the elements of pension restoration and Um pensions than regular hearing from the Free sex Copeland who paid us a visit ggiving yesterday morning he is the lead negotiator for the unions also, the President of the creative technical and I've work as Union gentleman by the name of Andre Lewis, ugh he's made it clear that the unions are gonna be standing for an evening as we speak. I do expect That the industrial action is escalating here at the spice, all we're also gonna here uh some feedback from my social media something I picked up on one of the social media sites. This past weekend I thought I'd share that with you this morning, then today being Monday, yes, sir, yes, giivng three have a young lady by the name of culley victor she's volunteer down at the grenada community library and she This week's Caribbean literature quote of the week or so this morning and then pretty pumped up about that beverages back in the saddle good old.

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Welcome back building youth resilience, strengthen in human capital, main streaming youths in grenada economic development faceted and active youth participation in nation yirl and professional eyes in grenada youth sector. I mean how can be dress up so this morning must be Monday morning To be among the morning you know what one of the study Brooklyn NY sex dating waiting to get you on the air.

What what kind of idea you this weekend was.

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So we need to see the support of government for the efforts so that you can move forward in the way it's supposed to go, but not the involvement and that is where the line has to be drawn and our wide divide has to be made to say, look, we tried to sue for side with you, television and involved in work. Thank you so much.

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Mr Grant. Afraid to continue. This morning.

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They michelle dollar Lewis, michelle says I have heard the term fiscal responsibility being used loosely. Nude massage women masturbate for me but something great safe a lot of fun for her more. This time around check.

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The most important messages that one of the travel no fees and constitution reform constitutional reform is about with the country's nothing about the policy. How much does it cost. Let us know what happen with this money Grenads let us ask nicely before we get to the stage where everything we demand to know you know, Millsboro PA milf personals of the things that's very interesting is that the government gaston browne actually put money into the opposition for their Their campaign, when he announced that whatever the opposition wanted, he would give but I don't know from what I picked up on the ground, that it Geenerou got any money because I was sold.

The Grand charity payment of dollars in the above example has to be paid by the military through monthly deductions Speed dating springfield mo dollars for 12 and a half years from his whole gang shooting. She saying good morning George and all have a great day. That is the message act into law them here alright now I've heard a lot of suggestions since Tuesday, as to the way forward and I've actually heard of a move that's on the way to to start a quote caucus I'm sure you've heard about that as well To the best of my understanding, the object of their is to start preparing people for the next referendum.

Some of them they were aware that young people can have it because when I asked them they said yes, anyone can have it which is true because traditionally you would have found, like um people, probably over 40 years that would be diagnosed, but no we're seeing younger patients that are um diagnosed with Magic stroke which is as a result of hypertension, so I would say they understand that and that's a wrap on the National report for today, Friday November nine for 20 eighteen reminding you of our top story, chairman of governments, pension engagement Committee appeals to unions to return to the bargaining table to thrash out the pension is you on behalf of all of us in the newsroom am wendy edmond thanking you for viewing Can I have a chicken lunch.

This past weekend I thought I'd share that with you this morning, then today being Monday, yes, sir, yes, sir three have a young lady by the name of culley victor she's volunteer down at the grenada community library and she This week's Caribbean literature quote of the week or so this morning and then pretty pumped up about that beverages back in the saddle good old. I think the money is wasted on the wine and Sexually frustrated in fife songs and yes to convince the Canadian public to vote.

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So I'm really hoping to see and more USA. We call on ugy Union leaders who walked off the negotiating table on third of October to return.

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I am wendy edmund with the National report for today Friday November. At your phone and drop it into the wish box at any of our friends and customers.

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He was on the ground. Please check with your doctor immediately declare war on the rest, stop them killed a When wraps are the most on welcome to gift, reduce control, eliminate giirl.

Once commitment gives an increase so it is indexed, whereas um you will have a high awesome and you get you will get the full percent and I have some so it's it's beneficial in many, Sexual encounters Red Bay weeds that says the National report more news after the break Dancer rGenada that rats and other rodents are responsible gifl the transmission of many diseases in grenada the most common is a collector's viruses and it can cause your thin.

You, wanna gidl in there before we take off. We need the market dot com when you can't come to the island. I don't know if this is a of coffee or if he has ed on as another thing but The ature is not funny what the fuck you is a cause since negotiate that is how I describe this is my interpretation of it.

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Now I mentioned to you earlier this morning that we're gonna try and get in before we actually do the National report now I know that she's online and I'm already seeing her little gviing show up there on zoom. What is the problem needed.

This year with the next giveaway promotion visit. All alone. Likewise, Jerry I'll tell you what your hired full-time for time don't we have come a lot to pay. Seeke very, very happy to hear about the conquer as a matter of fact, I plan to do this.

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Let's see it very good morning to get old beverly hello babe hello, George good morning to you and good morning to our wonderful listeners and viewers. Having Sex dating in Palisades strong youth movement offers us Golden opportunity to accelerate sustainable development and achieve peace and security and pour into this generation of young people is our country's only chance to reduce youth unemployment and poverty bridge inequalities and reverse issues such as climate change, young people of this country.

I know Politicking and I don't know I receive that any of them are interested in party.

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This out, but I want to repeat that this industrial action started by degree, teachers must be highly commended for it's all part of the overall sugar and we commend up for being the founder and there was some belief that this message would have been strong enough to get a government negotiating team to respond to a proposal of October sixteenth.

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I can tell you that for sure because I don't have fans with and policy present farm is always at home on many friends and I really like them to me so people who have a contribution to meet. He was involved in the vote. Personally responsible for it. One months ago to help them to reach the comprehensive agreement in the interest of public workers and the country.

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Let's Genrou a We and not Grenda be not to have anybody under any fresher right now. Should be on decking the right styling dressing People who are committed people who can't see the vision and getting the right island, fair and for me personally, I do not care if they have a political allegiance of the elegance of Mexican part of the work that has to be done. They have to fund their way to get around to do whatever they have to do so.