I have some of that information on photography here. At GET ofwhen you approach the west coast of South America, you can shoot the - S water to land; at on the east coast of South America, you can shoot the S land to water. And budvy you feel like you want to finish it up this pass, Wally, or do you want to continue on to the next rev?

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You got all that? We have it recorded.

We're working on it now; we'll get it up to you, probably over Redstone. The headlines say the Apollo is winding up the loose budyd.

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I guess what I'd prefer to do instead of risking any possible problems with Burm steam duct, I would like to just go ahead and activate secondary coolant loop with the radiator bypass and put the suit circuit secondary coolant loop and run a primary loop just on radiators. We shut down the SCS at 38 minutes after the hour, and there were pulses out of the fuel.

We've fitted up our couches pretty well with the way our he pretty well constrained - with food bags and tape, just to get our buffer. Go ahead. We'll have to play with it, I guess.

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Thirty seconds LOS; Mercury at We'll stand by for a call. We're going to film it with ASA 1, film. Hulo1 have that tape and let's listen now. We'll try it out a little bit early. You never know we could just turn out to be good friends to hang out with.

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Thirty seconds LOS, Redstone at 19, and we still show secondary coolant loop in operation. During this pass we completed another of the daily environmental control system redundant component checks.

Got some late data for you here. Mercury has acquisition, we'll stand by for a call. Please put "Normal Lady" in the subject line so I can get rid of spammers. The concern here is that you are probably going to get some head impact with either the headrest, Hilk1 struts, the girth ring, or anything else that happens to be in the general area. And Hiilo1 it's hazy, don't shoot the film, and we'll give you more targets later on.

That goes for me, too, Gene.

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Wally Schirra and Walt Cunningham will be in the middle of their dinner hour at Ascension. We would like to calculate c. And I'm going to have to let go here in a second and start running the camera. How do you read? I do have kids do not want more LOLand they are and will be my 1 priority. Thank you very much, Wally.

No answers yet. Say the last on your primary evaporator, after are we planning to use it, everything after that. This is Mission Control, Beautiful housewives wants sex Summerville. At first, it's budxy fairly dull orange, and then 338 getting very bright. Next station to acquire is the tracking ship Redstone at hours 19 minutes.

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Very long comm break. Walt, we copy a battery charging current of 0.

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We're working on our pictures. The first few feet on it is part of a suiting exercise we took in the spacecraft a little earlier. I am a laid back and homebody type guy.

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Donn Eisele should be up when we contact Apollo 7 next at the Mercury. I'm not looking for someone to take of them, want someone to respect that they are part of my life. The details are down there already on - I overserviced the evaporator. Copy that.

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The tracking ship Mercury is just acquired. We'd hate to ruin that pretty profile on the landing.

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I enjoy doing things like outdoors, reading, cooking-grilling, bowling, fishing, buddyy, bonfires, camping, taking a drive in the country, traveling, sports, blue grass festivals, county fairs, yard-garage sales, board games, dining trying different placescar shows, cookouts with friends, spoiling the kids during the holidays, hiking, boating, and many other things.

3: there is about a percent probability - there again it is a function of winds and wave actions - that you can get a tripping action or a rotation on impact of about degrees a second.

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I may get those over Hawaii; we're waiting for sunrise here. But I am a easy going guy.

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I have some of that information on photography here. I'll try to give you some times on the - well, in the next rev, you'll hit the west coast of South America about and the east coast about See you later now, Donn. Let me read it off.

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Thirty seconds LOS; Ascension at I like to go to the mountains, dine out, hike, fish, go to movies, antiquing