I'm gonna show this what are Wives wants nsa Gloverville doing today? I know it's been a little while since since we spoken you know I've been a little bit shitty after my last infusion that I had for those of you who don't know I suffer smoke people stories So I'm not Australlia drunk. Houswivves just look like I'm drunk. I have a lot of melody so this is what we're gonna be making today. I was so clever and actually put the recipe and I got this.

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Bored Australia houswives

I have two kitchens because I just wanted to get to sorry my kitchen, which Bores standing in my pantry. An A is that what you say an ass, so we say an asshole an asshole. I should myself so I know I did when I also started coming in. I'll tell you why.

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Look at that look at that, just making sure that's welcomed. Absolutely love this picture. I need you to help me get to He said he's forever saying shit and I believe him cuz I just don't think people lie.

Bored Australia houswives

It's got more of a I'm just trying to tell the difference the difference. So that is my ingredients right there. Yeah, it's monthly every four weeks.

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But these are gonna be perfectly chewing and moist and crunchy on the outside. Syria No, I haven't heard from Crystal. Turning around you, you did.

So this is a naughty. Sorry sir. So we got scouting boards. That's awesome.

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There's no excuse What are we cooking? I got the battle Michael I got the better.

And it does have throw ropes. So I'm gonna put the next one ready on the tray to stick in the oven.

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So I next I have got my melted butter, which is grams of melted butter and I'm gonna just hate this up. I like Brandy Hello I like Ann. My brother, Charlie Charlie just turned him. Justin You are always welcome back to my anytime anytime you're Australiia, you're amazing.

I'm gonna have to turn it off, but I'm not gonna do it. Gonna show you something.

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So I'm just gonna stir this in look at that. It is amazing yum. What did you bullshit?

I'm I'm doing better now. Hello my darling. There is no stains.

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Let me see I'm just gonna try this so it doesn't. It's hkuswives thumb in the head. Why are you Jessica Good for you? I'm just gonna mix these ingredients together.

What bored housewives do

Best is friend. isn't really you must be getting tired? Cutlets she'll do the whole lot as I said, normally, this recipe requires baking soda, but I cannot stand the taste of baking soda hate it so I'm using baking powder instead. Darling Highlights Highlight Joan I like to raise up so yeah.