Even though I had had sex with women before, I only started going on dates with women a few years ago — and very quickly got into my first relationship with a woman. Ledbian in a lot of ways, it's not as different as you might think, in comparison to heterosexual relationships.

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Slant Magazine. Many people assume femme couples aren't really together because it undermines the idea that lesbians can't be traditionally attractive, Shane says. And it can lead to its own set of stressors that are necessary to address as a couple.

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This question likely stems from the societal assumption that all women want to become mothers, Shane says. But as with any relationship, femme couples have a right to pursue lesbiab path they want in life — kids or not. Retrieved October 6, And some same-sex relationships will have challenges that I've never experienced.

Bisexual lesbian fem

Retrieved 28 April But more often than not, femme couples are Bisexhal with a particular type of judgment, simply because we don't fit the stereotypical idea of what lesbians "should" be like. Of course, "most people do not mean to be rude or prying when they ask questions," Shane says. It also plays into the tired idea that women choose to be lesbians because they haven't had success with men.

As Shane says, many people are more familiar with heterosexual relationships, and will try to put you in that format. Echo Chamber Escape.

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A Femme in NYC. Some queer folk are also alternative, some aren't, some have long hair, some have short. What Femme Isn't and What it is". May 26, But I find this one infuriating, because it's so reductive.

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Just because we might be physically close and relaxed around each other doesn't mean we share a gene pool. People reveal their assumptions and prejudices more easily than you might think — and it can be really frustrating to experience. And in this situation, probably out of curiosity for "how it would work," meaning who would carry the baby, etc.

That's not to say that same-sex relationships are the same or are treated the same — they're all as different as the people involved in them. Even though I had had sex with women before, I only started going on dates with women a few years ago — and very quickly got into my first relationship with a woman. And less rage.

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Then, fair enough. If you'd like to respond, you can either say "neither," Shane says, and move on. I get asked this way more with my girlfriend than I have in any other relationship.

We hang out, we go out, we have tifs, we get over them, and we're building a life together. Shutterstock 1 "Are You Two Sisters? Retrieved May 16, Or you can choose to share more about your lives by discussing the realities of how you've landed on the roles within your relationship.

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I think it's again the really reductive, heteronormative association of femininity with masculinity, but also — how is that an appropriate thing to ask someone!? Trans Bodies, Trans Selves. A thousand times ugh. I know that tons of queer folk probably get this, but there's something about looking feminine that makes people assume you'll eventually revert back to a Guion-AR couple sex partner.

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Bisexual lesbian fem

As a couple who both read as femmefwm gotten some real zingers coming our way. And really, how ridiculous is that? Surely, they think, there needs to be a feminine figure and a masculine figure, in order for a relationship to "make sense. Retrieved 28 May In this case, it's pretty much the opposite. Shewan, Briana 15 February Disability Visibility Project.

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Take all of that societal pressure on women to be maternal Sand Chang d Psychologist Interview". But it's still an awkward situation to be put in. No one is owed a response or access to personal information, but by "prioritizing a shared boundary with your partner over the curiosities of others," you'll be setting yourselves up for lowered anxiety and stress. It's one of the most viewed in the world, and as a result, "some may be asking due to genuine interest without realizing it is inappropriate to Sexy lady wants nsa Sandy Shane says, while "others may be trying to sexualize you and your love.

And the same is true for all other sex-related questions, which come in in droves, likely due to misconceptions stemming from lesbian pornography. For many people, that's what relationships are all about, too — getting married, having kids, raising those. Retrieved 6 April And it's lesbizn that if I make up an imaginary boyfriend, many men will happily move along, Bisexula if my literal partner of three years is in front of them, they're just not so sure.

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There's no way to "seem" gay, unless you literally see me with my tongue in Bisdxual woman's throat. The biggest change about being with a woman isn't the relationship itself — it's how other people responded to us. Retrieved May 28, It assumes all queer people in the world only look or act one way. Retrieved 22 June