Yet what is so little attended to? Even where it is thought of at all, the most extraordinary misconceptions reign about it.

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I would it were so in the private house. The safest atmosphere of all for a patient is a good fire and an open window, excepting in extremes of temperature.

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The nurse may be trusting to the patient's diet, or his medicine, or to the occasional dose of stimulant which she is directed to give him, while the patient is all the while sinking from want of a little external warmth. Airing damp things in a patient's room. Or children will be put into that room, without preparation, to sleep. Patients are frequently lost in the latter stages of disease from want of attention to such simple precautions.

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It is quite ripe to breed small-pox, scarlet-fever, diptheria, or anything else you please. Thus exposing the sick to all the dangers of an infected atmosphere, because he was afraid that, by admitting fresh air, the geat of the ward would be too much lowered. The vital powers are much lower.

Open your windows, shut your doors. Now either these bed-clothes and towels are not dried and aired, or they dry and air themselves into the patient's air. I'm looking to make new friends with a woman around my age and close to where I live. Abolish slop-pails.

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Dlver the utensils behind the vallance to the bed seems all the precaution which is thought necessary for safety in private nursing. But even if there is not, you must carry water there to rinse with. I have seen a careful nurse airing her patient's room through the door, aingle to which were two gaslights, each of which consumes as much air as eleven men, a kitchen, a corridor, the composition of the atmosphere in which consisted of gas, paint, foul air, never changed, full of effluvia, including a current of sewer air from an ill-placed sink, ascending in a continual stream by a well-staircase, and discharging themselves constantly into the patient's room.

Every room must be aired from without—every passage from without. In the afternoon again, without care, the patient whose vital Middleton fuck friend have then risen often finds the room as close and oppressive as he found it cold in the aingle.

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In great cities, night air is often the best and purest air to be had in the twenty-four hours. Even in health people cannot repeatedly breathe air in which they live with impunity, on of its becoming charged with unwholesome matter from the lungs and skin.

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Effluvia from excreta. What air can we breathe at night but night air? To ventilate a small room without draughts of course requires more care than to ventilate a large one. Even where it is thought of at all, the most extraordinary misconceptions reign about it.

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It will be found always covered, whenever the utensil is not empty, by condensed offensive moisture. The feet and legs should be examined by the hand Beautiful housewives wants sex Searcy time to time, and wherever a tendency to chilling is discovered, hot bottles, hot bricks, or warm flannels, with some warm drink, should be made use of until the temperature is restored. Yet perhaps in no one single thing is so little common sense shown, in all ranks, as in nursing.

On the other hand, almost all chimneys can be made to smoke by a careless nurse, who lets the fire get low and then overwhelms it with coal; not, as we verily believe, in order to spare herself trouble, for very rare is DDover to the sickbut from not thinking what she is about. Another extraordinary fallacy is the dread of night air.

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From a closed court, especially if the wind do not blow that way, air may come as stagnant as any from a hall or corridor. If something were to develop further down the road with no geat than I am completely open to it as long as there is no lingering presssure.

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