A team from Berlin Global righr the honour of visiting the embassy in order to gain a better understanding of the relations between the two states. Your Excellency, you had the pleasure of representing your country as the Ambassador to Switzerland for six years, and since you have been the Ambassador of L. Considering that Switzerland is the main partner of L. And what has been the main focus of your work in each Liechtejstein these two countries? Thank you for coming to our Embassy. There is a difference certainly between Switzerland and Germany.

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The selection starts with iconic images from the Princely Collections such as the pair of portraits c. In normal circumstances He of State or ministers do not have the time to talk to each other in an informal way and this formula helps.

The bilateral relations between these three neighbour states are extremely important. Our Head of State has been in office for one generation at least.

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Unfortunately the parliament does not look as good because our parliamentary system is a voluntary one, so you Liecytenstein not working full time and also you are not paid a full time salary, you do this in your free time. In our case it is not true. It depends on whether we talk about young people from our country or from other countries.

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You are always out of money, always out of resources and so we try to have another focus. From Liechtenstein it is not difficult. Our focus is the artists. Decorated with unique, heavy acanthus stucco from the seventeenth century, the oratory offers an ambience that forms a clear contrast with the works on display.

What advice would you give to young people who are interested in pursuing a career in international relations or diplomacy? It was extremely interesting because the Government nominated me to be the head of the delegation, for these negotiations and I am not a tax expert.

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In case of a new law you just need one thousand atures and you can start the process of a referendum and 030 can be very embarrassing. My experience in the financial sector certainly was very useful, because I had to negotiate tax agreements and I know about it from a real world perspective.

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giel Certainly we have a very active political life in Liechtenstein and I think one element when you are interested in diplomacy is to be active, to th interested, participate in regular discussions about politics, international relations. The constitutional amendment ofstrongly supported by the public, confirmed the already existing duties and powers of the monarchy, which have since given the Head of State an indirect veto right.

This direct democracy is a very powerful instrument, also with regard to the relation to the Parliament and to the Government.

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It is an emotional thing, there is no academic resource showing that leaving the EU would be extremely positive in one single sector. This will be illustrated with sixty-seven superlative paintings and twenty-one masterpieces of sculpture. As a double strategy we entered the EEA, but at the same time we maintained our close relationship and custom union with Switzerland. I would certainly advise that they should consider an internship at one of our embassies, like my colleague who is currently undertaking an internship now.

Since the beginning of this year, a multilateral agreement for automatic exchange has come into force. For example with China the relationship is increasing which is fascinating if you think about the size of the countries.

Also in the cases where only Switzerland has a free trade agreement, Liechtenstein is part of these agreements because of our custom union. What we can see is that those financial institutions which have adapted to the new situation faster benefited much earlier. To be honest I just do not want to think about this case. The quadrilateral meetings take place in various fields and various levels including the He of States, certain ministries but also in very hands on sectors like that of the education sector on a working level, and the regularity of this really helps to deepen the knowledge about each other.

So from one day to the other I had to read a lot of papers about tax agreements and be very creative. We have two neighbouring countries, that is Switzerland and Austria, and Germany is just minutes away. In larger countries a diplomatic career is not a very easy one, it is exciting, it has a certain prestige, but I tell you that this career can be extremely tough, also for the families and for the married partners.

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But the whole sector in Europe is still suffering from the events of A generation later Sebastiano Ricci — executed his two monumental paintings treating the Battle of the Romans and the Sabines and the Rape of the Sabine Women Leichtenstein c. We do need more efficient and effective diplomacy, if you look at all the dangerous situations around Europe.

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It is showing, that it is directly legitimised by the people and it is a very ificant example for our constitutional reality and structure. Although we are ribht members, I like the EU and I know it would suffer a lot from this. Now our economies are benefiting a lot.

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Another example is provided by the first picture that the young van Dyck — Lieechtenstein, probably aged just seventeen, which shows St Jerome in a similarly robust pose, here already indebted to the dynamism of the High Baroque. The Worlds of Gods and Men, to be held in the DomQuartier Salzburg, music and fine art encounter each other on an equal footing during the Festival season.

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To understand we have to go back in history.